Studio Log

Nov 27, 2016

Skipped a week there, but didn’t do much to be honest.

So, in the last 2 weeks:


Started working on something new from the Triptych pile, #33 “Doubtless”. Have several parts that need fitting together & fleshing out, and also some preliminary lyric ideas.

Also played through “Water” (#1) a few times and decided the lyrics need to be totally rewritten. I like the notions & ideas expressed, but not as it is.

Offloaded & sorted things from my handheld recorder & discovered more things: #54 - “Swam”, & #55 - “Smite”.


Y CAN NOT is very close to done. Recorded an organ part mirroring the main riff; still need to play with the MIDI and create a cohesive part that makes it sound like I can play keyboards. I’m still throwing lead guitar parts at it, but I think I have something I can go with. The original guitar take was sloppy even by MY standards, so I re-recorded it a ton of times in sections. Have to sort all that out and hopefully comp together a complete good take. Or 2? Unsure if I want it doubled.

Then mix, then done! The idea of seeing some forward motion on some of this stuff is exiting - everything has been thoroughly glacial so far.


No work here.