Studio Log #6

Jan 2, 2017

Still orbiting around Ganymede

(nyuck nyuck nyuck).

Holidays holidayed all over this. Little bit of laziness as well.

I’ve momentarily abandoned my selection process (where I randomly pick tracks to try to push forward on) to ride out the ideas I’ve had for this track as far as they lead, and they’ve led to a 90% complete track that’s WAY better than what I started with:

  • Fun skittery percussion track
  • Cool drum track (programmed, but rad)
  • Guitar lead I really like
  • Weird pseudo electronica bass line
  • chopped down from 15 minutes to just over 12

OK so it’s still way long, but it’s a slow burn, and all the really cool shit happens at the end. It reminds me a bit of Timeless-era Goldie. But with MY shitty vocals.

What’s left? Rerecord the main guitar track. And lyrics; always lyrics.

Wrote some yesterday, hoping if I put it together with the ones I wrote before I’ll have something fairly complete there. But I know I don’t & that there’s a whole other part that I haven’t even begun writing for. I DO have an idea for it that may or may not work, but I haven’t even tried yet.

And then record them. On the vocal tip, after years and years and years of hating my voice, it’s begun taking on a texture I quite like. (OR: I’ve heard so much of it I’ve gotten used to it and can’t hear the shitty parts anymore!) Now if I could just get it to sing in tune with some consistency…