Studio Log #7

Jan 20, 2017


Been working with “Starry”, which was not more than a riff, a vague melody, and an even more vague chord progression. As of Friday, I think I’ve worked out how it’s going to go.

On to lyrics. Sigh.


Pushed Ganymede as far as I needed to. It just needs lyrics finalized, some parts rerecorded, maybe a little editing, and it’s done.

Working on the final mix for Y CAN NOT.


Welp, I’ve kind of restarted this from a new perspective. Or started an entirely different series, I don’t know. Haven’t done any work on anything in this category for a long time, but I have starting a series of guitar meditations. It’s kind of the same idea as the R&D, but specifically guitar oriented: pick a guitar, pick a sound (amp/fx/etc), sit down and breathe, play.

No concerns with making a piece of music, no concerns about “have I played this too long or too many times?”. Just started somewhere, do what occurs to me in the moment, and end somewhere.

In my head it was more droney, slow moving, and repetative than it has actually been. I’ve now done 5, aiming for 100.


I should note that I’ve been practicing.

A lof of what I’ve been doing when I’ve practiced over the last couple of years is really breaking my playing down into small component parts, and at the moment I’m playing scales. Slowly. To a metronome. Paying particular attention to picking.

Trying to overcome years of bad habits.