Studio Log #8

Feb 19, 2017


Trying to write lyrics for “Doubtless” (#33), which is pretty much done musically.

Rewriting lyrics for “Water” (#1). Current events are leaking into my brain, so the revised lyrics may move more in that direction. They weren’t far off to begin with.


Small drum tweaks and cycling through final mixes for Y CAN NOT. So close to done, I can TASTE it. Also, there’s something weird with the lead guitar part that I can’t quite figure out - it disappears into the mix early, but only on my car stereo. Which screams “phase problems”, but when I mix it in mono the problem goes away. Not sure what to do but I’ll keep poking at it.

Pulled out and dusted off “Seppuku”, which I had marked as a mix-and-done. Nope. Long and nothing much happens. New guitar track, more orchestration, an additional percussiony thing. I think it’s done now, but I’m going to sit on it a while to be sure.


Cut a guitar track for R&D #6 in the middle of a storm, with predictable results. Hell of a time to find your battery backup no longer works. Recut a week later, not impressed with take 2. Trying to cut something together out of the 2 tracks.

Remember those backing tracks I made a couple months ago? Finaly did something with some of them. I may retrofit some of them into R&D pieces eventually…


Up to #9 now.