Studio Log #9

Mar 12, 2017


“Mandarin Ducks” - I need a better plan. The plan I HAVE is ridiculously complex, so I need a final working map before I start on the recording. I have to decide how this one goes and how it’s structured, because once I start the recording, that’s it.


Y CAN NOT - Still working towards a final mix.

Seppuku - Also still working towards a final mix.

Shacklebones - Another marked “Done”. I heard it in my car and had to do some mix tweaks (turn down drums & main backing track). I mean, there’s a possibility that my car is a shitty reference environment, but it’s the audio environment I’m most used to, so…


Working on an algorithmic piece.

See, here’s one of my big problems. I started a studio log in order to focus myself on things I had already started, but soner or later I get inspired and then “I want to do THAT!!!” In this case, the culprit was a Brian Eno interview (now lost to the memory hole) and subsequent purchase of his “Reflections” for iPhone. And I’ve done algorhythmic pieces before (see Chapters 4 & 5 from Seasick), so ideas for that kind of stuff are always in my head.

So I guess what’s going to happen here is I’m going to keep expanding out until I get frustrated with myself and try to focus in on Triptych & The Pile again…


#10 done. This one was fun.