Studio Log #10

Mar 26, 2017


Shockingly, no work


Shook things up and reached down to the bottom of the active part of The Pile, and spent some time with a couple things I had Matt play drums on… oh, about a year ago. Sorry Matt!

“The Kgnarl” - at this point, it’s a lesson in why people generally don’t comp drum parts. I’m trying to pull together a cogent drum part out of hours of recordings and multiple, improvised, takes. As I do so, it occurs to me that this isn’t even much of a piece of music - it’s a bunch of riffs, a bunch of tempo changes, and an outro jam. So even when I’ve put together a working drum part, it’s still a long way to go before “that’s a piece of music I’d like to listen to.”

“Cyclone” - essentially a bunch of bass noise that I had Matt play along to. I have at least developed a plan for this one. Adding tracks, effects, and processing - eventually I’ll have a bunch of stuff I like and I’ll mix it. Boom, done.


Played around with #5, then stepped back and came up with a new plan. Kinda back to square one, but no more accumulating tracks. I don’t know entirely how it will wind up, but I have a direction forward.


No meditations, but on the practice tip I DID play a lot of guitar Saturday. MY GOD, I’m better than I’ve ever been. All I’ve been doing is playing a C scale up and down, slowly, to a metronome. Shocking results, and sudden. Highly recommended.