Studio Log #15

Jul 16, 2017

Been sick all weekend, which has been a huge detriment to getting any work done, but did some play-throughs and some organizing.

Also just for shits ‘n’ giggles, I’ve been trying to find cover songs that can be played in the triptych tuning. So far I’ve got “Takehase” by Neurosis and “Thank You Lord for Sending Me the F Train” by Mike Doughty. More to come?


Listened back and decided it has not achieved its final form. Played through it a bunch, arrived at something new, still not sure.

I’ve recorded it as-is, and I’m going to leave it alone for a while and see if it still makes sense when I come back to it.


Putting all my current mixes in a playlist so I can go through them in the car (my preferred listening environment). I have 4 songs that are DONE but for the mixings (Clouds, Y CAN NOT, Cyclone, & Seppuku).


No. 6

Which, in my recollection, needs a ground-up remake.