Studio Log #19

September 14, 2017


And then? This one time? I started rearranging and rejiggering Mention It To Me to incorporate a variation I heard in my head? That was already in there. That was something I already wrote that got caught in my head, and I thought it was a new bit.

But I earwormed myself - that’s a good sign, right?


MITM: I think the notes of this thing are done. I think I may step back from it for a little while and live with it this way before I start doing the permanent things.

In the meantime, I started a fast R&D yesterday - the kind of thing I used to do on every day off. Decided I’m going to do one once a month, so I started September’s thing. It’s ridiculous, but I like it & may put it up when it’s done (and I’d say it’s at least 60% done at this point)


Mention It To Me:
Notes: DONE!
Not content with mere strings, I’ve dragged out the other (virtual) concert instruments as well, and am orchestrating my little heart out. I may never come up for air.

September R&D:
Started as a guitar improv, is now very far along into the realm of sparse ambient abstraction. Enjoying working with this as well.

Crazy Ideas about creating an animation to go with this, because I am evidently made of time.


On vacation this week, so I’ve been “relaxing” by working my ass off on these things.

September R&D: doneish.
Still to do:
-shorten -play a guitar sola on top -add part(s)? -generally fiddle about until I tire of adding to it -clearly this is not living up to my old R&D pattern of “3 hours & done”, but whatever.


Mention It to Me:
God help me, I’m actually charting this thing now to keep track of what all the parts are doing. For something I thought was going to be a simple rock overture w/ some string pads, this is getting way complicated.

Studio Log #18

August 29, 2017


New Pile Track! Current working title is ‘Mention It To Me’.

This started life as a guitar & voice improvisation, but it’s drifted around in my head for years and lives in the category of “if you finish nothing else in this life, finish THIS.” And no time like the present.

It took me a while to find the original recording. All I knew is it was a date-coded title (like most of my improvs are) and it was marked with 5 stars in iTunes. There’s about 1,500 tracks in iTunes that have date-coded titles, and nearly 600 of them are marked with 5 stars. Whee! Finally found it last night: 022510.

I had a solid idea of how it starts and how it’s supposed to end, with a sort-of fuzzy notion of what I wanted to happen in between. As of this morning, I have solidified that fuzzy notion; it still needs some editing, but the material is there. I think this one’s going to go pretty fast.

Hope I didn’t just jinx myself there.


Editing the whole thing together into a mock-up.

Decided it needed a B section and some melodic variations. Did a little of each, still have some more to work through.

Currently it’s organ and strings. But every time I deal with strings I jump down an orchestration rathole, and this time is no different. Now that I’ve started to rethink the melody, my brain is orchestrating more: HEY! NOW HOW ‘BOUT SOME OBOES! AND TRUMPETS! BIGGER! BIGGER! MAKE IT BIGGER!


Had shower thoughts this morning. A new variation of the melody started bouncing around in my head, and I played through it on guitar this morning. This thing is in danger of accordioning…