Studio Log #12

June 11, 2017


Having listened through and assessed all the various bits and parts I’ve written for this since its inception I have realized (as I always do sooner or later) that the second version is the definitive version. I’ve made a rough edit to iron out the false starts and odd section counts, and I shall rehearse it and iron it out further.

Lyric-wise, I have a couple good lines and an overall concept. I’m not sure any of these things will meet in some kind of finished text.

But I’m counting this as enough forward motion to set it aside as my primary focus for the moment.

“Improvisation #5”

On to the R&D pile. I think there is another piece I have been referring to as #5 which is actually #6 - I discovered a vestigial, forgotten about #5 in my computer this morning and set about filling it up. It is pretty much just a long fretless guitar improv in an alternate tuning [F A# C G# A# D# low-high]. It kinda reminds of Adrien Belew’s “Big Electric Cat”, so I’m trying to flesh it out with sort of an early 80’s synthesizer vibe.

But at this point I’m just working through the drum part. I have a lot of repetitive work, followed by some editing, then on to the arrangement. Yes I started from the guitar and am moving backwards from how one would normally do a track. The guitar part is more of a part than a solo, so I may just track some more on top later.

Studio Log #11

June 4, 2017

Plot totally lost at this point. There’s been a little bit of socializing & nice weather & subsequent exercise and outside activities to blame. But also a whole lot of laziness and lack of discipline and sheer inertia at its heart.

It become pretty clear late last year that jumping from project to project and track to track was not really moving anything forward in a satisfying way. I have, in fact, actively avoided some tasks while pursuing others. So I started picking a track and advancing it as far as practical/possible/until I ran out of steam/whatever before I picked another to work with.

I worked a piece called “Cyclone” from The Pile, and got it to a point I think of as ‘complete’. (I may listen back to it in a couple months and decide it needs to be totally reworked, but for now it’s complete.)

Next up is a Triptych piece code-named “Doubtless”, and that’s where the hold-up really began. The music’s not totally done - some decisions need to be made - but I’m running into that wall of needing to write lyrics and just not wanting to. I’ve been trying several tricks to try to get my brain to not regard lyrics as a chore and a bummer.

One trick is the old Artist’s Way 3-pages thing. Not in the morning - I just can’t get my ass up early enough to do that. (And if I were to start doing all of the things I would like to be doing first thing in the morning, I’d be getting up at 3am every day). So, I’m just trying to fill 3 journal pages every day, generally not in one sitting, and I generally don’t make it to 3 pages, and it’s not actually happening as every day as I would wish. But I’m journaling again, which is having positive results elsewhere in life even if I’m not getting awesome lyrical content out of it.

Anyway, JUST DO IT. Make them terrible. Make them nonsensical. Just put SOMETHING to paper and make it good later.

“No.” – My Brain

My brain can be a petulant child sometimes.